Jimmy Fallon played an emotional sound guy in a “This Is Us” sketch, and it’s too real

In celebration of Season 2, Jimmy Fallon aired a This Is Us sketch that has us cracking up. Why? Because it’s so real. And he made it even better by having a few key cast members on with him.

But let’s be clear — the sketch isn’t about laughs. It’s about sobs. Fans know that This Is Us is heartwarming, special, and — oh yes — incredibly sad. And in Fallon’s mind, even the crew can’t handle it. Fallon played a sound guy who happens to interrupt a very important scene due to his uncontrollable sobs.

The skit starts in a very real way — Randall, played by Emmy winner Sterling K. Brown, is consoling Chrissy Metz’s character of Kate.


While the whole thing is pretty hilarious, Fallon’s dismissive line of “You’re the reason Dad died” to Metz was so perfect.

Brown and Metz handle the situation perfectly, despite claims of not having it together — and in Metz’s case, being “a diva.”

Props also must be given to Fallon, who pretty much perfected the “ugly cry” we’ve all sported during Tuesday nights.


You’d assume that Fallon’s character would have it together by take 20 or so, but instead his work becomes even sloppier. Watching the boom mic gently caress Metz’s head was something we didn’t expect to see.


At the very end, Milo Ventimiglia shows up and makes it clear that most moments on set end in blubbery tears. But still, he can’t help but join in.


So, we learned a few things based on this sketch. One, it’s totally okay to cry. Two, Metz is definitely a professional, and not a diva. And three, the cast of the show is fully aware that their hit show brings on the tears. Well played, Jimmy Fallon. Well played.

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