Jimmy Fallon and Paul McCartney pranking 30 Rock tourists will be your new happy place

All you need is love…and an unexpected Paul McCartney cameo.

Several lucky Beatles’ fans had a jaw-dropping surprise this week during what they thought was a regular tour of NBC Studios. When their elevator door opened on the “wrong” floor, NBC staple Jimmy Fallon and living legend Paul McCartney were sitting in armchairs, acting completely casual while smoking pipes and reading the paper.

Jimmy lowers the newspaper in front of his face first—which causes surprised yelps among the unsuspecting tourists. The elevator-riders then absolutely lose it when Paul lowers his paper. One woman attempted to step off the elevator to get closer, but was (gently) restrained by an NBC employee.

"When I was little I thought I was gonna marry Paul McCartney," another said, clearly emotional. "That's the closest I ever got and I am thrilled."

The pair soon decided to switch things up. For one group they played a casual game of ping-pong while the on-lookers stared in confusion. For another, Jimmy did a “magic trick,” holding up a blanket and making Paul appear behind it. For a third, the two pretended to be settling an argument.

Watch the full, glorious video below[/sibheader]


We’re officially in our happy place.

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