Jimmy Fallon and Michael Fassbender faced off in the most epic of air guitar battles on “The Tonight Show”

So for many of us, the middle of the week can be kind of a drag. Well don’t fret, because we’ve got just the pick-me-up.

In an utter Wednesday morning delight, Michael Fassbender and Jimmy Fallon air guitar battle in the most epic face-off ever!

We’ve all played the air-guitar at some point in our lives, but you may never have seen two fully grown men in suits competing for glory (AKA each trying to be more intense than the other). Now if you’re gonna attempt serious air-guitar, you better have some classic tunes lined up — and they definitely delivered. From Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys are Back in Town” to Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train,” this was a performance to remember.

OKAY! Let’s see what they’re really made of.


Phew. Turns out Fassbender has quite the moves! And he went above and beyond by switching out guitars mid-performance, tuning, and using the stage to his advantage. It’s almost like…he was born to entertain us.

Fallon did pretty great too, and who doesn’t love his facial expressions?

But ultimately, it was all about the AIR-GUITAR DUET.

Because we got to see them collaborate, and move those fingers ridiculously fast! We’ve seen Bradley Cooper shred it on air guitar, but Fallon and Fassbender proved they are top competitors. Wasn’t that all you needed for the mid-week blues?

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to challenge our co-workers to an air guitar battle of our own, because when you’re feeling the inspo…best to unleash the beast! Also, music is a great quick stress-reliever for when you’re carrying a heavy load.

H/T: Entertainment Weekly