Jimmy Fallon had some super smart kids on the show to debut their inventions

Last night, Jimmy Fallon teamed up with GE for a segment called GE Fallonventions, during which Jimmy invited a bunch of awesome kid and teen inventors onto the show to talk about their creations. They certainly proved that the future of science is in safe hands, and we can’t believe nobody had thought of these inventions already.

The first guests were Lucy Juncosa and Nina Kandaswamy, who showed us their dog “peticure” contraption. While I’m sure you could also use it to give your dog’s nails a little coat of paint, it’s mostly for those fidgety dogs who won’t let you trim their toenails no matter how hard you try, including this dog Ginger. Take a look:


Then, there was Daniil Fants, who created something so amazingly helpful for the hearing impaired. It’s a real-time closed-captioning system, and you won’t believe how it works:


And, finally, we met Isaiah Koonce, who is preparing us for the winter months with his snow blower shoes:


Of course, Jimmy couldn’t resist debuting a few inventions of his own, but we don’t think he’ll mind us saying that his guests truly stole the show. We can’t wait to pick up these inventions in stores!

(Image via YouTube)

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