Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake just stare at each other and it’s amazing

It’s no mystery that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are IRL besties. From teaming up to teach us about the history of rap to having performed in countless Saturday Night Live skits together, where there’s a Jimmy, there’s usually a Justin. And we can’t get enough.

But they say that when you truly care for someone, even the simple act of looking at them is enough – at least, that’s what Pacey says in a season-three episode of Dawson’s Creek when he watches Joey sleep for an entire night. Creepy? A little. But when Jimmy and Justin just stared at each other for a full minute and a half in a segment on The Tonight Show Monday night? OK, still a little weird, but also adorable and hilarious. Which is kind of what they do best anyway.

Check out the full clip below. The awkwardness only lasts for a second, we promise, and is outweighed leaps and bounds by the hilarity anyway. And to make it even better somehow, another of our favorite funny people also makes a cameo – so what are you waiting for?

(Image via YouTube)


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