Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black cover ‘More Than Words.’ There are no words.

Yeah, sure, so maybe Ryan Adams covered Bryan Adams last week, but now Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black have conquered “More Than Words.” Let’s talk about which one is funnier. Fallon and Black didn’t just cover it, or even try to spoof it. Instead, they went for the gold and recreated a shot-for-shot remake of Extreme’s 1991 music video. Is it the most beautiful, and strangest thing you’ll see on the Internet today? You betcha.

It’s not just Fallon and Black who are part of the video. Extreme had four members, and while Black takes on Gary Cherone, and Fallon assumes the role of Nuno Bettencourt, they grab two other stand-ins to round out the group with look-alikes for both Pat Badger and Kevin Figueiredo. It’s an impressive feat, yes, and it’s only made greater when comparing it to the original video. Do Fallon and Black do justice to the song — they’re singing it for real, no lip-synching allowed — and the video? You be the judge.

Check out Fallon and Black’s rendition below, followed by Extreme’s original video. Well done, you guys. When can we expect another shot-for-shot video? We’ve got some requests.

And, now for the original:


Image via here.