Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles opened “Saturday Night Live” with an amazing live Bowie tribute

Saturday Night Live does not have a shortage of amazing hosts. Everyone from Melissa McCarthy to Tom Hanks has shown up and put on a show. This week, Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles opened Saturday Night Live with an amazing live David Bowie tribute. It was truly something legendary.

While the opening monologue is the only time SNL‘s hosts talk directly to the audience, Jimmy chose to put on a spectacular dancing/singing number instead. Grabbing the mic and moving off stage, the late night talk show host grooved through the entire 8H studio. As David Bowie’s hit “Let’s Dance” blasted, Jimmy, Harry Styles, and what seemed like 100 dancers took over our television screens.

Everything about the number was epic. Then again, this isn’t the first time Jimmy has pulled off a musical opener for the ages. His ability to impersonate celebrity musicians has always been his powerhouse move.

Who can forget his 2010 Emmys performance?

Joined by former “Weekend Update” host Tina Fey, the multitalented television host ran around singing “Born To Run.” With countless celebrity appearances, you couldn’t take your eyes on your television.


Or what about the epic 2017 Emmys opener?

Jimmy and a bunch of well-known celebrities from film and television spoofed the opening of La La Land. It was so well executed we still can’t figure out how he did it.


With so many great musical numbers under his belt, it’s no wonder Jimmy Fallon pulled off a live Bowie tribute. In addition to singing, dancing, and entertaining, Jimmy also made SNL look like so much fun.

A perfect way to honor a legend…


This was the first year in Saturday Night Live history that the show was live on both coasts at the same time. Meaning people on the West Coast didn’t have to avoid spoilers for several hours. We couldn’t think of a better tribute to have for someone as giant as David Bowie.

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