Jimmy Fallon created the ultimate ‘Empire’ parody, “Jimpire”

Jimmy Fallon is passing the torch on The Tonight Show. At least, that’s what happens in Jimpire, Fallon’s parody of Empire that aired last night. As Stefon would say, this sketch “has everything”: Questlove, The Roots, and Steve Higgins as Cookie sporting a fur coat and fedora. Jimmy, for his part, wears a turtleneck and purple paisley scarf that Lucius Lyon would definitely approve of.

The real Cookie and Lucius Lyon make cameos as well — not a bad taste of what’s to come during tonight’s premiere of the real Empire.

But who has what it takes to assume control of Jimmy’s throne? Gasp. Tensions are high. Watch and find out.

PS Jimmy Fallon, more TV show spoofs please!

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[Image via YouTube]