Jimmy Fallon couldn’t keep it together in a funny face-off against Jon Hamm

When something is funny, it’s hard to keep a straight face. Nobody knows that better than Jimmy Fallon, the king of breaking. We all know that Fallon loves playing games with his guests on The Tonight Show. He’s played Catchphrase with Michelle Obama, Dave Chappelle, and Jerry Seinfeld. Amy Poehler once tested him to see if he was smarter than a brainy teen.  So when we saw that Fallon played the Face It Challenge with funnyman Jon Hamm, we knew we were in for a treat.

The rules of the game were simple: Make a funny face and try to get your opponent to laugh, without laughing yourself. We bet you can already guess how Jimmy Fallon fared against Jon Hamm.

Fallon is notorious for cracking up when he finds something funny. He used to laugh in most of his sketches on SNL. It’s what makes him so endearing. “I mean, are we really playing a game where you can’t break?” Hamm knowingly asked before the game started.

As predicted, Fallon didn’t stand a chance. In fact, he started laughing just explaining the game! Hamm knew that he had the advantage. And boy, did he ever. They played several rounds, and Fallon broke every. Single. Time.

The first face was “Mug Shot,” and Fallon laughed almost immediately.

He lasted a bit longer in the next round, where they showed off their best “Just Bit Into a Lemon” faces. So. Many. Chins.

Next up was “Guitar Solo” face, and Hamm’s Eddie Van Halen impression is so good, we can’t even be mad at Fallon for breaking so quickly.

Fallon almost won the final round, but Hamm’s “Surprised Fish Face” was just too funny.

Do yourself a favor and watch the entire Face It Challenge:


In Fallon’s defense, Hamm is a master of silly faces. Of course it was super hard for him to not laugh. Just watching it, we couldn’t help but laugh at all of them too! As the audience, we can see the two prepping their faces, and know Fallon doesn’t even stand a chance before putting his mirror down.

Maybe Fallon needs to practice on some more dramatic celebs and then challenge Hamm to a rematch. Either way, it was hilarious and adorable, chins and all!