Jimmy Fallon and Charlize Theron played dress up, because of course they did

Charlize Theron stopped by The Tonight Show last night to chat with Jimmy Fallon, but their interview had one major twist. Rather than rocking the usual outfits one would expect on a late night talk show, Fallon and Theron chose outfits for each other … and they were truly visions of beauty.

Theron picked the perfect “Feminist-Bookstore-Owners-from-Portlandia-meets-causal-1970s-Elton-John” look and dubbed Fallon “Rosetta McClintock” for the evening. Rosetta enjoys gambling and neon pink pantsuits. Meanwhile, Fallon named Theron’s alter-ego “Bonanza,” the perfect name for the “Studio-54-MCHammer-leading-a-circus” outfit she was rocking.

Obviously, they both look awesome. And, inevitably, their role playing leads to an epic jam session. Just one of those nights.

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