Jimmy Fallon and Daisy Ridley played a hilarious game of ‘Star Wars’ flip cup

The world has gone bonkers for Star Wars. With the release of the new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens happening in just a few weeks, we can only expect things to get even more crazy. At least, last night they definitely did, when actress Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey in the film, joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of Star Wars-themed flip-cup.

What does that entail? Oh, just some Hans-Solo-cups and a Wookie noise after every successful flip. Honestly, it made the game ten times better, and we didn’t realize how talented they both were at this classic college pastime.

The two were pretty evenly matched but, in the first few seconds, it seemed like Daisy Ridley was going to be the clear winner. However, Jimmy caught up as the pressure got to both of them, and it was literally neck-and-neck by the end of the line.

This can only foreshadow the awesomeness of Daisy in the upcoming film, although we always knew she was a badass on and off the screen.

See who won the game below!

(Image via YouTube)

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