Here’s how much money Jim spent on pranking Dwight on ‘The Office’ (Hint: It’s a LOT)

In the beloved NBC series The Office, Jim is known for three things: 1. His love for Pam and basically being the greatest partner in the world, 2. His body-melting smirk, and 3. The hilarious pranks he pulls on Dwight Schrute. And honestly, the pranks were probably the best part of the show.

These said pranks, which happened on a daily basis (rather, episode) consisted of anything and everything from putting his stapler in Jell-O, all the way to taking a class to learn morse code and then using it to talk about Dwight in front of him. Not only does all of this sound like a lot of time, it’s also a lot of money, and one Office fan over on Reddit decided to calculate exactly how much was spent to make us laugh. Here’s what it came down to.

So, the infamous stapler in Jell-O prank only costs about $1.09 for a pack of power, so that one is no biggie. But learning morse code? That’s pretty major, racking up about $3,120 for the cost of the classes and the nanny they would have needed to hire combined.

When it comes to other favorites, like sending Dwight’s desk to Roswell, New Mexico, it would end up costing Jim about $956.14 for shipping and handling. Hiring Ben Franklin instead of a stripper would end up being around $400, and filling Dwight’s desk with meatballs would end up costing somewhere around $30.

All in all, according to the spreadsheet made by the Redditor, Jim would have spent a total of $5590.95 on his hijinks. When you think about the fact that he’s just a salesman at a mid-size paper company, that’s a lot of cash that could have been used for Jim and Pam’s savings, or just some extra dough for all the fun things there probably are to do in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

But then again, without it, we would seriously be missing out on the lolz. I’m sure we feel the same way as Jim: it’s worth it to see the look on Dwight’s face.

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