Big Bang’s Jim Parsons ruined Kaley Cuoco’s surprise birthday party in most Sheldon move ever

Throwing a surprise party is no easy feat, and the advent of social media has made it infinitely more challenging to keep a secret from the guest of honor. Jim Parsons learned this the hard way when he accidentally ruined his Big Bang Theory co-star Kaley Cuoco’s surprise birthday party…all thanks to a major social media slip-up. Cuoco is celebrating her 33rd birthday on November 30th, and her on-set family planned to surprise her with a perfectly pink cake topped with rainbow sprinkles. But Parsons committed the ultimate surprise party no-no, snapping a picture of the cake and tagging her in the photo, effectively ruining the surprise.

Parsons captioned the shot, "almost time, @kaleycuoco ... shhhhh....." which undoubtedly immediately sent a notification to the birthday girl, giving her fair warning about the surprise.

Cuoco (in the cutest pink glasses and a comfy black hoodie) looked less-than-pleased with Parsons.


As sorry as we are that her b-day surprise was ruined, we’re secretly kind of glad this went down. Because it’s funny as hell (and it’s clear Cuoco wasn’t really mad…probably). Happy birthday, girl.

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