Jim Parsons and James Corden spoofing the “Dust In The Wind” video is the funniest thing you’ll see today

This Kansas song is a classic, and classics have been known to be recreated. Jim Parsons and James Corden spoofed “Dust In The Wind” for The Late Late Show, and it’s almost too perfect.

The song, which was originally released in 1977, was a huge hit back in the day. Since, it’s been referenced in a bunch of films, from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to Old School.

The duo made a point to try and mimic the original version of the music video and did such an incredible job. From the wig to the special effects, fans of Kansas will definitely appreciate their attempt. (And even if you’re not too well versed on Kansas, you’ll get a good laugh.)

Here are Corden and Parsons, looking almost unrecognizable:


And, just to compare, here’s the original music video by Kansas.


We think it’s safe to say that Corden and Parsons totally nailed it, even by getting a little goofy midway through. Not like that’s a surprise — obviously both are incredible in front of a camera, and love to get a laugh.

Parsons has been promoting his new film Hidden Figures, which also stars big names like Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and singer  Janelle Monáe. Kirsten Dunst and Kevin Costner are also featured in the movie, and have been promoting it throughout the month.

The film hits theaters today and definitely looks like a must-see — especially if you’re only familiar with Parson’s work in The Big Bang Theory. We think this role (just like the video above!) proves how much range he truly has as an actor.