Jim Parsons almost missed the Oscars because he forgot his ID, and yes, we’re serious

Given the sheer number of celebrities inside the Dolby Theater for Oscars night, it’s not surprising that they have standard security measures in place, like requesting that each celeb show their ID to get in the door.

And we just heard that Jim Parsons almost missed the awards because he didn’t have the necessary identification, and he documented his hilarious dilemma on Instagram.

That’s Jim Parsons from The Big Bang TheoryAs in one of the most well-known faces on TV. He got locked out of his own house (without a wallet), and had to wait for an hour and a half until someone came and saved the day! But it looks like he kept a good sense of humor about the hiccup.


After a while he started wondering why he hadn’t trained his dogs to help out in dire situations like these, and, LOL.


It sucks being stuck outside…but nice tux, Jim!


Rescued AT LAST.


We’re so glad he didn’t have to miss the Oscars; that would have been really sad! Especially because his film Hidden Figures was nominated for Best Picture andthe cast brought the real Katherine Johnson on stage (she’s a former NASA mathematician, portrayed by Taraji P. Henson in the film).

via giphyAlso, it would have meant that he’d have missed perhaps the most interesting Best Picture annoucement in Oscars history (you know the one).Yup, the Oscars were big and bold this year!

via giphy

Once Parsons made it to the Oscars, he just had to have a photo taken (sort of) with the Queen of the Oscars herself, Meryl.


With The Big Bang Theory having been renewed for two more seasons (and the cast achieving equal pay), there’s plenty more of Jim Parsons to go around. YAY! Because we like him.