In honor of the anniversary of Jim and Pam’s first kiss, here are their 10 cutest moments on “The Office”

Have you been feeling a little more love in the air today? It’s because of Pam and Jim, obvs. That’s right: 10 years ago today, our absolute fave couple from The Office — actually, from anything EVER, really — kissed for the very first time. On May 11th, 2006, the season 2 finale dubbed “Casino Night” aired, and at last, we got to see Jim confess his feelings before they finally kissed. SO MUCH CHEMISTRY. Of course, that wasn’t *exactly* the start of their relationship, but it’s an important moment that should be commemorated for romantics everywhere, because it’s Jim and Pam, guys.

In honor of their 10-year kiss-iversary, here are the top 10 times that Jim and Pam made us ugly-cry with happiness.

When she fell asleep on his shoulder


And Jim couldn’t contain his happiness.



Not only did we get to see an adorable drunken Pam, but a giddy Jim when they got kicked out of Chile’s for Pam’s adorable antics.

When Jim gave Pam the best Secret Santa gift ever


You know, a teapot filled with inside jokes and a LETTER PROCLAIMING HIS FEELINGS FOR HER. Even though Michael messed it all up after changing it to a Yankee Swap (and even though Jim lost his nerve and ultimately took the letter out), it’s all still so freakin’ cute.

The moment when Jim aked Pam out to dinner for the first time


After ages of them not having the right timing, she was just about to give up. She told the camera crew that she was OK with being friends and then Jim came in and asked her to dinner. And guys, HER FACE.

The ~proposal~


Jim managed to blow our grandest proposal dreams out of the water. . . by proposing to Pam in the rain at a gas station. It’s just so adorable and perfect and obvious that their love is so amazing, because he literally proposed in the most average place, yet still managed to make our hearts burst.

When Jim surprises Pam. . . with a house


*sobs with happiness*

When Pam found out she’s pregnant


Who knew that going to the hospital for a volleyball injury could turn into the most happy moment in the entire world?

When Jim cut off his tie for Pam


Pam was ashamed for being pregnant in her wedding dress (even though she looked absolutely radiant), so Jim decided to make her feel better by chopping off his tie with scissors. BECAUSE HE LOVES HER SO MUCH, OMG.

When they got married. . . twice in the same day


Honestly, the entire episode of “Niagara” is just a waterfall of tears. (Pun totally intended.)

And, of course, the kiss


Here’s to Pam and Jim, the ultimate #relationshipgoals.

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