Jim Gaffigan is officially KFC’s new Colonel Sanders

When it comes to casting Colonel Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken is all about the funny guys.

The popular fast food chain is now adding comedian Jim Gaffigan to its roster, taking over for former SNL cast member Norm Macdonald (who replaced fellow comedian Darrell Hammond in August).

Gaffigan’s big debut took place during the Super Bowl pregame broadcast, in a 30-second spot called “Dream,” Ad Week reported. In the commercial, Gaffigan dreams that Macdonald has stolen his identify, waking up in a delirium to announce the new Nashville Hot Chicken before noticing that Macdonald has taken his place in a portrait on the nightstand.

“Some fake colonel pretending to be me! But I’m me! Only I can introduce KFC’s delicious new Nashville Hot Chicken,” he asserts.


Gaffigan’s passion for food (particularly greasy and fried food) makes him a natural fit for the KFC brand. The comedian is best known for standup acts of the culinary variety, and one of his most popular bits is about Hot Pockets. He has also written two books that feature food as a central theme, Dad Is Fat and Food: A Love Story.

It was hinted that Norm Macdonald would be moving on in a video shared on Wednesday that featured memorable moments from his time as the Colonel, set to The Sound of Music classic “So Long, Farewell.”

Now, pass the hot wings.