Jim Carrey, generous human, just left a waitress a $225 tip

Jim Carrey: actor, character, all-around funnyman. And, it turns out, phenomenal tipper.

Last week, Carrey had dinner at the Chester, a restaurant located in the Gansevoort Hotel in New York’s Meatpacking District. He must have had a fantastic meal or experienced A+ service, because he left a huge tip — $225 huge, to be exact.

The actor’s bill apparently rang up at $151. A regular 20 percent tip on that total would be a little over $30, but hey — Jim Carrey doesn’t claim to be a regular guy. He was reportedly dining with friends, and the table ordered sparkling water, a bottle of minor noir wine, lemon chicken and a quinoa dish. (Side note: nice ordering.)


“Everyone seemed to be in a good mood,” a source said of the dinner.

On its own, being Jim Carrey’s server for the evening would be a pretty awesome story. But on top of that, to receive such a big tip from him! Jim’s always had the reputation of being a nice, generous guy, and this story proves that tenfold.