Jillian Carney Inspires Kindness in Winfield, WV

Jillian Carney, a high school student in Winfield, WV, made her own social media movement. Tired of watching teens get bullied, Carney created the WeStopHate Club — A safe haven where kids can be themselves and “break free from all the negativity.”

To encourage kindness among the students at Winfield High School, the WeStopHate Club created compliment-grams for people to purchase during lunch for $.50 a piece. Each gram comes with an encouraging compliment and two delicious Hershey kisses.

Other students also insist that WeStopHate has changed the school for the better. It’s made Westfield a more pleasant environment to learn in and has shown courageous kids that they CAN make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Check out the video below on Westfield’s campaign and visit http://westophate.org for more information!

Featured image courtesy of HooplaHa