Jill Biden Sprinkled the White House Lawn With Festive Hearts for Valentine’s Day

The first lady said she wanted to bring "a little joy, a little hope."

Hope, healing, and kindness are in the air! First lady Dr. Jill Biden took to Instagram today to show off the festive heart signs she placed all over the White House lawn, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The red, pink, and white hearts, covered with words like “Unity,” “Family,” and “Love,” stand for more than just fun decorations—it’s a sign of hope.

Dr. Biden’s office sent a statement to USA Today this morning about her message, “As you may know, the first lady is known for her sense of humor, love of surprises, and celebrating traditions, especially with her family,” the statement said. “Valentine’s Day has always been one of her favorite holidays. Sending messages of healing, unity, hope and compassion, this is her Valentine to the country.”

The outlet also noted that Dr. Biden and President Joe Biden went for a stroll with their dogs, Champ and Major, to admire the decorations and stop to say hello to awaiting press. Dr. Biden reportedly shared with them that while she knows the country at large is feeling “a little down” because of coronavirus and other heartbreaks, she wants this small token of her gratitude to show “a little joy, a little hope.”

In an even more adorable story, the president told reporters that during his first Valentine’s Day as vice president, Dr. Biden drew a little heart in his office window that said “Joe loves Jill.” He jokingly added that it was not the other way around, because “everybody knows I love her more than she loves me!”

Well if this doesn’t make for a happy Valentine’s Day, we don’t know what does.

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