Jill Biden Stepped Out in Fishnets, and We Need to Discuss How Amazing She Looks

Twitter is coming out in defense of the FLOTUS' look after a flood of negative commentary.

Women in politics are constantly scrutinized and critiqued for the way they dress. When they wear anything remotely outside of the conservative and muted wardrobe societally expected of them, people always start talking. So, it’s no surprise that people (specifically, lots of right-wing men) had a lot to say when Jill Biden stepped out in *gasp* fishnet tights.

The first lady of the United States, 69, was photographed exiting a plane on Easter evening, wearing an all-black ensemble featuring the now infamous lacy, fishnet tights, a blazer, a leather-trimmed dress, and heeled booties. The flood of angry responses to her outfit were not only sexist, but also ageist, with people calling the tights “trashy” and saying they were inappropriate for her age.

Luckily, there were plenty of people ready to come out in defense of Biden’s badass look. One person wrote, “she looks GORGEOUS. I wish I look like that when I am 69, she is amazing,” while another correctly asserted, “It’s Dr. FLOTUS Jill Biden to you, and she can wear what she wants.”

Unfortunately, some of the defense for Biden’s outfit simply reinforced sexist standards for women. Some fairly pointed out that the same people criticizing Biden’s tights rarely critiqued Melania Trump’s clothing choices or past NSFW photos when she was in office—but many did so in a way that was more shaming than supportive. One Twitter user made sure to call this tactic out, writing, “Here’s a thought. Neither Jill Biden or Melania Trump should be judged by how much of their body they have shown. I’m so tired of some of y’all.”

One person just wants us to move on from all the outfit drama, writing, “Breaking Snooze: Republicans outraged that first lady, Dr Jill Biden should be wearing clothes.”

We couldn’t agree more. The most talked-about topic in politics shouldn’t be a woman’s tights and it’s probably time we all move on. That said, we’re definitely reconsidering fishnets for our post-pandemic going-out outfits.

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