JGL performing on ‘Lip Sync Battle’? Full swoon

Is your life feeling a little devoid Joseph Gordon-Levitt appearances? Are you desperately missing Lip Sync Battle, which is currently on hiatus? How about we combine both of those things together, and add in a dash of Christmas? If that’s singing a tune you like, good news. JGL is going to rock the LSB stage, and we’ve got a first look at it.

In case you haven’t heard, JGL has a brand new Christmas movie coming out called The Night Before, and it looks absolutely LOL-worthy. The Night Before also stars Seth Rogen and Anthony Mackie, so all three guys are taking their lip synching chops to our favorite lip synching TV show. This Christmas special will feature JGL and Mackie facing off for ultimate bragging rights, while Rogen presides over them wearing a Santa jump suit. Just because.

From the newly released clip from Spike, it looks like JGL — a true lip sync legend — is going to grace us with two beautiful songs: Janet Jackson’s “Rhythm Nation” and Usher’s “Yeah.” Um, yes, please and thank you.

Check out the preview for the episode below, which airs November 19th on Spike. And don’t worry, LSB dream-team  LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen are back for this Night Before fun, too.


[Image via YouTube]