For National Jewel Day, we hunted down some lovely TV-inspired jewelry

You guys, it’s National Jewel Day, which is basically a loose celebration of jewels. And since everyday we’re celebrating TV, we decided to combine the celebrations for a roundup of jewelry inspired by our fave TV show heroines. Here’s a round-up of some cute, not-so-pricey pieces we’d actually buy as gifts for fictional characters we know and love. Instead, we’ll just buy them for ourselves.

Joan’s pen necklace from Mad Men

The woman with a 5% share in Sterling Cooper & Partners … er… hands. Buy it here from Etsy user HallofFemme.

Adventure Time necklaces

Behold: Necklaces inspired by Adventure Time and made from shrink film. This one features both Jake and Lady Rainicorn, and we totally heart it. Buy it here from Etsy user Doppledew.

Caroline’s pearl necklace from 2 Broke Girls

Caroline’s signature—okay, only—statement piece can be yours. You can rock it in any outfit, from a polyester diner uniform to a graphic cupcake tee! Buy it here from Etsy user bazinedezine.

Neon watch inspired by The Goldbergs

At any given moment, Erica Goldberg is wearing no less than 10 different shades of neon. We think this would fit right in her wardrobe. Buy it here from

Khaleesi’s necklace from Game of Thrones

This open necklace is fit for a queen. Buy it here from Etsy user geatolic.

“Reading is Sexy” button from Gilmore Girls

Rory pulled off the “Reading is Sexy” tee, so I have no doubt this button is somewhere on her backpack. Buy it here from Buyolympia.

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