We talked to jewelry brand Indigo Unveiled about magick, talismans, and healing through art

Is there anything better than beautiful jewelry? Yes! We’re talking about jewelry infused with magick from Ancient Egypt and beyond. Meet Indigo Unveiled, a fine jewelry line with the aim of bringing a little bit of magick to the masses. Pulling inspiration from ancient spiritual teachings, Indigo Unveiled creates gold and silver pieces based around concepts like sacred geometry and the ancient Egyptian mystery schools. The best part is that the pieces look as ethereal and beautiful as the inspiration behind them. Think golden hands grasping delicate stones and all-seeing eyes placed on rings. Simply put: This is the perfect line for any modern mystic.

We were lucky enough to speak to Stephanie Lee, Indigo Unveiled’s creator, about magick, where she finds inspiration, and who she’d want wearing her pieces.


HelloGiggles (HG): When and how did you embark on this journey of creating jewelry?

Stephanie Lee (SL): In 2012, I had my spiritual awakening when I was at my all-time low in my life. I had a mentor who was a member of a society in Brazil that teaches people about mysticism, universal laws, and esoteric teachings tracing back to Ancient Egypt. I began to grow and evolve mentally and spiritually, and wanted to share what I learned through art. I quickly immersed myself  in spiritual teachings from different origins; from the mystery schools of ancient Egypt, Inida’s Vedic traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, and I even brushed up on quantum mechanics and sacred geometry.

Plato had this idea called “Anima Mundi” or “World Soul,” describing the intrinsic connection between all living things. That idea resonated with me. I was on a journey in search for the soul of the world, and a journey of self-realization. When the idea of becoming a jewelry designer came across my mind, it made my heart feel full with purpose, so I just went with it!

HG: How does your practice with spirituality embed itself into this?

SL: Being inspired means “In Spirit.” For ideas to really flow out, I have to work on keeping a high vibration, and focus my intention into the designs. Each collection I come out with roots from a different esoteric tradition and culture. During the research and development phase, I immerse myself into the spiritual traditions and actively participate in the practices.

My first collection was the “Alexandria Collection,” and that was inspired by the mystery schools of Egypt, a place where so many great people gained much knowledge about the universe — from Jesus to Pythagoras. I learned a lot from reading ancient texts originating from Egypt, including the Hermetica, Kybalion, and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. After the studies, I go into deep meditation and visualize myself there, and begin channeling the stories and designs that want to be expressed.

HG: Do you consider your pieces talismans?

SL: Yes, I do believe they are talismans of power. If everything is made up of energy, symbols that have been used for thousands of years carry a powerful vibration, which affects our collective consciousness, and our subconscious minds. But I feel that the real magic lies within people. With their intention and awareness — the pieces can be powerful tools for the light warriors, indigos, and witches.

HG: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?

SL: If I had to choose one, it would be the “Abracadabra” necklace. It’s a triangle locket with the abracadabra symbol, and opens up so you can place your intentions and create some magic!

HG: What are your favorite symbols and designs that you incorporate into your work?

SL: My favorite symbol is the eye. It’s on all of my pieces! It symbolizes the unified field of awareness. My other favorite is the Merkaba, which, for me, symbolizes the light body. I love it because the energy becomes activated in our bodies though our heart center through compassion and self-love.

HG: How do you hope the people wearing your pieces feel?

SL: I hope that people feel beautiful and sacred when they wear the pieces. I’ve done a good job if they feel that.

HG: If you could have a celebrity wear your pieces, who would it be and why?

SL: It would probably be Jaden and Willow Smith, because I think what they are doing is so cool right now.

HG: What do you have planned next?

SL: I went on a trip to Peru to learn about plant medicine from Shamans that live in the Amazon, and wow, I have learned so much from that indigenous culture!! I am working on the collection now, and I intend to spread their knowledge of natural medicine and healing through my art. I feel they will be the ones teaching us to change the relationship we have with the earth, to bring healing on ourselves and to the planet.

If you want your very own Indigo Unveiled piece, then grab one here!