Here’s why that whole Jesus, Mary, and Joseph defense of Roy Moore is complete BS

Hollywood isn’t the only professional industry with an influx of sexual assault allegations coming to light. Politicians have also found themselves addressing such claims. And in one case, a particularly strange excuse was offered. Explaining away Roy Moore’s alleged assault, Jim Ziegler cited the bible. Ziegeler used Jesus, Mary and Joseph to justify Roy Moore’s alleged sexual misconduct. And in doing so, added a whole new level of extremity and disgustingness to the situation.

In case you didn’t know, Moore was recently accused of making sexual advances to four women while they were teenagers. One, who was reportedly 14 at the time, even accused Moore of molestation. For the record, the legal age of consent in Alabama is 16. Seeing as Moore is a politician from the southern state, abiding by this portion of the law would be essential. However, Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler thinks, if true, Moore’s alleged behavior is totally justified. Because according to the Ziegler’s interpretation of the Bible, “Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter.” Yikes.

The Trump-supported candidate (he’s yet to rescind his endorsement) is adamant that all of the allegations brought against him are false. But here’s the issue. Though many of Moore’s backers are requesting that the politician “do the right thing” and step away from the race, too many others are belittling the assault claims. And comparing Moore’s alleged pedophilia to Biblical relationships is pretty messed up. And, for the record, not necessarily correct according to some bible scholars.

"Christians don’t use Joseph and Mary to explain child molesting accusations," evangelical commentator Ed Stetzer told Christianity Today. "If this is evangelicalism, I’m on the wrong team."

Bottom line: Roy Moore allegedly making sexual advances to teenage women is wrong.

Whether others want to understand the severity of the claims or not, making sexual advances to anyone who’s under the age of 16 is illegal in the state of Alabama. And according to a few theologians and pastors, Ziegler’s defensive statement totally ignores the cultural context of Mary and Joseph’s relationship. Jesuit priest James Martin weighed in on Twitter.

As Martin so eloquently put it, no one can confirm the ages of either Mary and Joseph. So, using that argument to justify Moore’s allegedly behavior is inaccurate. And frankly, Ziegler, and anyone else who agree with him, should be ashamed.

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