Jessica Williams opened up about how white beauty standards affected her as a child

Listen up: This is so important. On the publicity tour for her upcoming movie, The Incredible Jessica JamesJessica Williams opened up about white beauty standards, and how she’s still working on un-learning the subtle biases pervasive in mainstream media. Williams has long been outspoken about intersectional feminism and why it’s so important to think critically about how the various oppressive systems work together and separately, and she continues to inspire us with her honest and powerful words.

In this case, the relatable star of The Incredible Jessica James made an important point about the commercials we saw a kids, and it will make you reconsider a lot of things about your childhood.

Here’s what she had to say in an interview with Allure:

"You know in the old Barbie advertisements they would play with the white Barbie first? And the black girls played with the black Barbie. And in the final shot, it would be the white Barbie with the black Barbie behind her. I picked up on those subtle things, and unfortunately I internalized them."