Alas, Jessica Williams won’t be our ‘Daily Show’ host, but her explanation why is perf

We had been hoping, fantasizing, perhaps even praying that mega-brills Daily Show correspondent Jessica Williams would replace our beloved John Stewart as the show’s host (ICYMI, he’s leaving). But sadly, our dreams will go unfulfilled.

Williams is the show’s youngest ever correspondent, she’s 25, and is a total fan fave. As soon as Stewart announced he’s departure (after 17 years at the helm, mind you) the yearn for Williams to step in was STRONG on Twitter (and IRL).

Despite the outpouring of support though, she tweeted over the weekend that she will not be taking over the show. A small cry was heard round the world. But she tweeted it in such a JWilly way that we got over all of our mad feelings pretty darn quick.

Her reason for not hosting was so perfect.

And her honesty was also really on point.

And of course, in true Jessica fashion, she reminded us that she’s not going any where (which soothed us).

And then she sweetened the blow even further by making us laugh (even while she delivered some serious real talk).

In sum: JWilly for queen.

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