Jessica Williams is headlining a comedy tour to encourage young people to vote for environmentalist politicians, and we need our tickets

Climate change is real — it is happening all around us, despite what certain politicians may want you to believe. (By the way, even if climate change wasn’t real — which it is — why wouldn’t you support policies protecting the environment anyway?) Considering the presidential election — in which we will be voting for more than just our next President — is merely weeks away, how can we vote to best protect our planet?

The brilliant and hilarious Jessica Williams is here to help.

Jessica will be hosting the NextGen Climate Comedy Tour in an effort to encourage young voters to cast their ballots for "climate champions" -- or politicians who include environmentalist policies in their platforms.

The comedy tour, organized by NextGen Climate, will be stopping in three battleground states (states where both candidate have a chance at winning): Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina on October 7th-9th. In addition to providing lots of laughs via queen, Jessica Williams, NextGen Climate organizers will speak to audiences about the ways climate change is impacted by this election. There will also be booths at which attendees can register to vote. (And the events are free!)

In a statement released by the organization, Jessica said:

“I'm pumped to add my voice to the effort to elect climate champions and show that we have the power to shape this election.We can't let a man with such a YUGE lack of experience anywhere near the nuclear launch codes, so we have to make sure we all vote, because this election is no laughing matter.

This isn’t the first time Jessica Williams has used her talent, fame, and humor to advocate for an important cause, and we are so thrilled to see her do it again. If you’re going to be in Ohio or North Carolina this weekend, you should definitely check it out and get educated!

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