Jessica Williams’ grade school throwbacks are much too precious

When most us first met Jessica Williams, she was already the incredible truthteller and Senior Beyoncé Correspondent on The Daily Show.

Jessica, the youngest Daily Show correspondent in the history of the satirical news program, left her position on the show earlier this summer — though our hearts didn’t stay broken for too long since it was announced she would be getting her own series on Comedy Central!!!

Plus, her podcast presence lets us still get a regular dose of Jessica Williams fabulosity.

And today on Instagram, Jessica shared a couple throwbacks from her elementary school years, reminding us that she was a bespectacled queen before she was a ruling comedy queen.

“The glasses did not have lenses in them.”

May we please discuss the overalls situation, as well as the fashion forward decision to forgo lenses in her glasses.

“YASSS, Khaleesi.”

Unreal cardigan game.

It only makes sense that this precious child would grow into the amazingly talented woman she is today.

We can’t wait to watch her in the next phase of her career! Also please bring back the lens-free glasses!