10 times Jessica Williams dropped the mic on “The Daily Show”

On Wednesday, Jessica Williams announced that she would be leaving The Daily Show to work on her own projects, including her awesome podcast 2 Dope Queens and a development deal for a scripted series she signed with Comedy Central. We know she’ll be amazing at all those things because she absolutely killed it on The Daily Show. Every time she had a segment, we knew she was about to blow our minds with wisdom, serving us the truth while also making us laugh.

While Jessica has so many iconic moments from her time on the show, we rounded up our favorites below. Here are ten times Jessica Williams dropped the mic during her time on The Daily Show.


1. When she pointed out how dangerous it can be to be a woman.

2. When she called out people for criticizing Beyoncé.

3. When she wasn’t afraid to shut people down right to their faces.

4. When she kicked catcallers to the curb.

5. When she reminded the world that racism isn’t over.


6. When she exposed some people’s backwards logic.

7. When she wasn’t afraid to call our her own boss.

8. When she laid down harsh truths.

9. When she flipped prejudice on its head.

10. When she reminded us what’s really important.

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