Jessica Williams expertly shuts down the criticism Beyonce is getting for her Super Bowl performance

If your social media feed has been filled with nothing but love and praise for Beyoncé’s “Formation” video and Super Bowl performance than you’ve probably missed out on commentary from critics accusing the pop star of inciting anti-police sentiment through her new song and its radical black imagery.

But leave it to the Daily Show’s Jessica Williams to set the record completely straight. In a hilarious and spot-on monologue for the Comedy Central show, the “senior Beyoncé correspondent” touches on the song’s attention to black female empowerment and #BlackLivesMatter before taking a moment to point out that, yes, Beyoncé is black (shocker!) and that as an artist, it’s her right to bring that message of what it means to be black to her music and to the “wholesome” experience that is the Super Bowl. Check out the whole clip below.

As always, Williams’ social commentary is on point, and we can’t stop thinking about how amazing both she and Beyonce are.

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