Jessica Simpson just posted an Instagram pic of her daughter, and she looks EXACTLY like her

We’re no stranger to celebrity kids being lookalikes of their gorgeous parents. Just take a look at the virtually un-aging Reese Witherspoon and her nearly-identical teenage daughter Ava — they look like sisters! — or stylish Suri Cruise and her momma Katie Holmes. Now, we can add Jessica Simpson and her adorable mini-me Maxwell Drew to that list.

Jessica and her husband of two years, Eric Johnson, have two adorable, ethereally-blonde children, daughter Maxwell Drew and son Ace Knute, who are only 14 months apart. Jessica recently shared a snap on Instagram of her beautiful flaxen-haired little girl, captioning it “#hairgoals #maxidrew.”

In the pic, Maxwell (or Maxi Drew, as her mom apparently calls her) has her long hair worn loose and is wearing a white and blue dress while holding white flowers, as her singer-actress mom takes a picture of her from the side.

Clearly, beauty (and great hair) run in the Simpson-Johnson family! The 4-year-old looks just like her famous mom in this picture. And Jessica’s caption is so accurate — Maxi Drew’s natural white-blonde long hair is giving us serious #hairgoals, too. Is it weird to be envious of a 4-year-old’s hair? Maybe. Whatever.

This isn’t the first time that Jessica has shared a photo of her daughter in which the two look super similar. Maxi has been her momma’s doppelgänger practically since the day she was born.

In a snap from February 2014, a then nearly 2-year-old Maxi rocked some serious shades for such a little girl, pursing her lips next to her mom. She’s clearly got her mom’s fashion sense as well!

In another post from this March, Jess shared a photo of her little girl being brave and stylish during horseback riding lessons, with the caption “My beauty has no fear.” In the pic, we can definitely see that Maxi Drew shares her mom’s talent at posing for the camera. That head tilt and side glance is totally perfect.

Little brother Ace Knute looks just like his big sis and their famous mom as well, right down to Jessica’s eye color.

Jessica also recently shared a side-by-side pic of her two little ones, captioned “Brown-eyed man and blue-eyed lady,” and the two close-in-age siblings do look a bit like actual twins (minus their eye color) in the Insta post. One thing’s for sure: Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson make a gorgeous family!

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