Jessica Simpson shared a pic of her son’s first haircut, and he looks so handsome

While her kids look cute pretty much all the time, Jessica Simpson’s son Ace got a haircut and looks like a brand new kid. Prior to, Ace was known for having pretty long, blonde, luxurious locks — just like his mom!

Ace was born back in June of 2013, so he’s definitely old enough to appreciate his very first haircut. Simpson noted on Instagram that her buddy Jessie Holiday, who has styled the star in the past, was the girl in charge of giving Ace his transformative trim. Simpson noted in the photo that Ace looks all grown up with the change, and we happen to agree. In fact, in the photo — which shows him enjoying the water — he could pass as a child model.

If you want a good photo to compare this one with, here’s Ace with his equally cute sister Maxwell Drew, taken back in July.

And here he is celebrating his 4th birthday with a cake that looks pretty delicious.

Simpson often faced a bit of unnecessary ridicule online from fans regarding Ace’s hair, which we never truly understood. Not only can boys experiment with long hair, but they can look incredible while doing it. That said, while the cut looks phenomenal, we’re kind of glad that it still includes a little bit of length — it just seems to fit him quite well.

We look forward to seeing even more snaps of Jessica Simpson’s two adorable kids on Instagram. It’s pretty obvious that they mean the world to her.

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