Jessica Simpson Reveals Secret Fling With Movie Star: “He was My Teenage Fantasy”

In her new essay for Amazon, Jessica Simpson recounts her secret love affair with a mega actor in 2006.

Just when we thought Jessica Simpson couldn’t be anymore of an open book, she publishes a 28-page essay about her racy rendezvous with her A-list Hollywood teen crush, who continues to remain anonymous.

In her Amazon essay, Movie Star: They Always Say They’re Single, Simpson divulges intimate details of her affair with a mega movie star who reportedly “made millions and millions per film” in 2006.

The encounter supposedly happened shortly after her divorce from ex-husband Nick Lachey, whom she married in 2004. While she says their secret romance didn’t get off the ground until Simpon’s divorce was finalized, she says the twosome first struck a chord with one another at the 2001 MTV VMAs.

“This megastar, who I grew up thinking was so hot, eyeballed me up and down. Like he was undressing me with his eyes,” Simpson writes of their first interaction.

The duo reconnected later in the night at the VMAs afterparty, but Simpson reveals she “wasn’t ready” to go any further with her mystery lover. The “I Wanna Love You Forever” singer was coming off of one of her many Lachey breakups.

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When Simpson bumped into her crush later at the gym, she took charge and offered him the leading spot in her music video. However, the plan never came to fruition as she and Lachey rekindled the flame in September 2001. It wasn’t until their divorce that Simpson reached back out. From there it was full steam ahead.

“I felt this warm rush all the way down my body to the tips of my toes in my wedges,” Simpson recalls of their first kiss.

Albeit, her feelings were immediately shattered when she came across photos of him and his girlfriend on the red carpet. Unbeknownst to Simpson, he had never ended that previous relationship.

“I was never ever in a million years going to be the other woman,” she writes.

After assuring Simpson she was the only one he was interested in, the pair dove into their romance heart first. The Newlyweds star recounts how joint at the hip they were, from making nightclub appearances together to celebrating familial milestones like the birth of her best friend’s daughter. However, their romance came crumbling down following Simpson’s trip to his movie set.

“Yes, there was something sexy and enticing about all this, but there was also something demeaning about it. I felt like a call girl,” Simpson writes. “I didn’t care if he was my teenage fantasy come to life, this was not a choice that same girl, my younger self, would be proud of.”

The morning after, Simpson packed her bags and never looked back. The “Public Affair” singer chose to leave his name out of the essay, but that has only fueled the curiosity around her mystery lover’s identity more.

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