Jessica Simpson reportedly has a new album in the works, and we’re *so* ready

We’ve definitely heard this one before, but we can’t help but stop what we’re doing and pay attention when Jessica Simpson says she has a new album in the works. Fans haven’t received a proper album from Simpson since 2010’s holiday CD Happy Christmas, although she’s spoken about returning to the music scene multiple times since then, to no avail.

Like, we get it: Simpson’s been busy with her gorgeous family and other non-musical business ventures, but judging by her recent interview with Studio 10, maybe, just maybe, this will be the year she dusts off her singing chops and hits the stage again.

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So what’s with this revived state of impatience?

During the interview Simpson also promised an album later this year, and ugh, we’re getting a little angsty. Apparently, the fashion designer and mommy of two has been in musical creative mode because she gave a tour of home studio and even played an unreleased demo of a country-ish ballad.

However, if Simpson does actually keep her promise, fans can expect to hear music that comes from a place of complete creative freedom.

"I have no record deal," Simpson said. "I am my own record deal, which is so empowering to say. Nobody has to tell me what to look like, nobody has to tell me what music sounds good."

We hear ya, Jess. Yes to independence! Now we’ll sit back, cross our fingers and hope that Simpson makes good on her promise along with her sister Ashlee, who we also expect to release new music sometime this year.

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