Jessica Simpson Gushes About Her “Open Book” Memoir Heading to the Small Screen

Katelyn Tarver has been tapped to play Simpson, with John Stamos as her male lead.

Still reeling from Jessica Simpson’s explosive tell-all memoir? Well, crank up “I Wanna Love You Forever” and grab the popcorn because Amazon Freevee is adapting “Open Book” into a scripted TV series.

Newcomer Katelyn Tarver will play the leading role of pop star Sadie Sparrow, whose journey to stardom will mimic that of Simpson’s. John Stamos will also lead the cast as Sadie’s older and swoony co-songwriter Butch Thorn, according to ET Online.

On Monday, Oct. 10, Simpson announced the big news in a sappy Instagram post. “Open Book has opened the door to all of my wildest dreams as an artist, author and entertainer. This project holds my heart completely, infatuates my mind on every level, and deeply seduces my soul to the core. I have spoken about determined patience frequently. Not until now, in this very moment do I get to share the reward of how it feels on this side of the rainbow,” she wrote.

Simpson is a big fangirl of her off-camera “dream team.” She has enlisted “Californication” scriptwriter Tom Kapinos, who she’s been following “since the days of HS being a Dawson’s Creek fan geek-to my personal coming-of-age years of self-discovery a bit later in life after divorce,” as well as “Billions” director Adam Berstein “who innately has an artistic capability to make you feel every emotion in less than 30 mins.”

Simpson will also serve as executive producer. “Open Book,” which hit shelves in 2020, chronicles Simpson’s childhood, her rise to fame, and her many public (and toxic) relationships, including those with Nick Lachey and John Mayer.

“Y’all have made me feel safe inside my passion with leadership when I’ve wanted to fall into insecurities,” she wrote of her Amazon family. “Ya’ll continued to remind me thru this entire process to walk through my fears.”

Here is the official series description from Variety: “‘Open Book’ follows pop star Sadie Sparrow’s mid-twenties rise from ingenue to mogul, introducing us to the family, friends, and lovers she collects along the way. Touching on themes of love, friendship, divorce, family and sisterhood, relationships, soul connections, Hollywood and the music business, ‘Open Book’ follows Sadie’s unexpected journey as she ultimately comes to embrace herself and the fact that her heart inevitably wants what it wants at every stage of life.”

A release date has yet to be announced.

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