The first teaser for “Jessica Jones” Season 2 is here, and she beats up *so* many people

Lots of explosions, throwing bad guys against walls and through windows, heavy drinking, and photography. You know what all this means? Jessica Jones Season 2 is coming — and Netflix just dropped the first teaser for it, along with the premiere date.

If Season 1 of the series was all about Jessica beating up and taking down bad guys…Season 2 is basically the same thing. And that’s a good thing! But this time around, Jessica is now dealing with some pretty heavy stuff, namely one named Kilgrave. Yes, Kilgrave again. If you remember correctly, in order to save herself (and her best friend Trish and also all of New York City) Jessica snapped his neck at the end of Season 1. That decision is still weighing heavy on her when we pick up for Season 2. Even though she’s starting to put her life back together, she can’t shake the choices she’s made in the past.

Oh yeah, and also the ghost of Kilgrave is following her around. Normal stuff.

And, on top of that, Trish is urging Jessica to look into her past because “knowing what was done to you might help you.” Jessica doesn’t think that’s a good idea, or even a reasonable one, and she replies, “What if facing it makes it worse?” Knowing how bad it’s already gotten for Jessica, can it get much worse? You know what, probably. At least her three two other super friends aren’t along for the ride this time.

The teaser is set to “Barracuda,” which is maybe the MOST Jessica Jones song ever. Just don’t throw any of this “with great power comes great responsibility” BS around with her, because she’s not having it. She’ll throw up on you (her words, not mine).

Mark your calendars and cancel your plans, Netflix has Jessica Jones Season 2 slated to drop on March 8th, 2018. Time to start stocking up on killer leather coats and well worn combat boots.