Here’s the most important thing you’ll learn today: “Jessica Jones” Season 2 has a premiere date

It’s time to break out your combat boots, leather jackets, oversized (knit) scarves, and alcohol — okay, maybe not the alcohol. After almost *two years* of patiently waiting, Netflix is finally ready to deliver more Jessica Jones into our lives. Using some colorful language like our favorite Hell’s Kitchen hero, it’s about damn time.

The strongest Defender (she’s the strongest, not up for debate) will burst back into our orbit very soon. Like, in two months soon. Netflix has set the return date for Jessica Jones Season 2 as March 8th, 2018, which sound like a pretty perfect day to us.

Season 2 of Netflix’s best Marvel show (once again, not up for debate), will have Jessica dealing with the fallout of the events of Season 1, and also The Defenders. Last we saw our heroine, she was not doing so great. Sure, Killgrave might be gone, but Jessica killed a man, and that’s not sitting with her well. As the trailer for Season 2 has already hinted, though Killgrave is gone, he’s still very much a ghost haunting Jessica and reminding her of past mistakes. Even though he needed to be stopped — to save Jessica’s best friend Rachel and also save all of New York — was it the right choice? Could she have done something different? Is Jessica just going to always beat herself up over what she does and doesn’t do?


Jessica herself, Krysten Ritter, revealed the Season 2 premiere date on her Instagram, with a brand new image from the show. Remember how Jessica is THE STRONGEST DEFENDER? Yeah, we can see that one again here, because she is just picking up something big, heavy, and metal — is it a car? is it part of a building? — like it’s nothing. Just looking at this picture makes me tired.

So go ahead and clear your schedule for THURSDAY, March 8th — yes, Thursday. Netflix is trying something different with Jessica Jones Season 2, but hey, wherever Jessica goes, we’ll follow.

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