Does Jessica Jones appear in Netflix’s “The Punisher”? We know you’re wondering

Netflix has officially released its latest addition to its ever-expanding Marvel TV series with The Punisher. Months after Marvel TV heroes — Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock), and Iron Fist aka (Danny Rand) — joined forces in The Defenders, Marvel TV is back and reuniting viewers with it’s (potentially) darkest vigilante.

The Punisher is a grisly Daredevil spinoff centered around Season 2 breakout character Frank Castle aka The Punisher (Jon Bernthal).

It just hit Netflix and follows the dark past alluded to in Daredevil, and catches us up with Castle as he must confront and try and take down the people who killed his family. Thanks to the many crossover appearances across the franchise prior to The Defenders, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising if any of The Defenders popped up alongside Castle in The Punisher.

Earlier this spring, Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones, took to Instagram to celebrate the newest addition to the Marvel family, rocking a Punisher tank at the gym. While Ritter was likely just giving the new series a shout-out, we couldn’t help but wonder if Ritter was secretly pointing to a potential Jessica Jones appearance in the series.

Now that the series if officially out, does Jessica Jones make an appearance?

* And warning, because this is where spoilers kick in! *

The short answer is no, unfortunately we don’t see our favorite crimefighter run into Castle on the streets of New York. However, another familiar face appears in the series. Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll), Matt Murdock’s assistant, who initially got to know Castle during Daredevil, reprises her role in The Punisher.

But while Jessica doesn’t appear in The Punisher, there’s still a chance she and Castle could meet eventually, as this universe is always expanding. Plus, Romper recently pointed out that while Castle’s constant use of weaponry is *not* something Jessica would totally vibe with, the two actually have a lot in common in having traumatic pasts and the desire for revenge.

Fingers crossed we’ll see Castle encounter Jessica and the rest of The Defenders, considering the New York City vigilante community can’tbe that big.

Catch up with Frank Castle in The Punisher — now streaming on Netflix.

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