Jessica Jones is front and center in all the new “Defenders” posters — as she should be

Ever since Jessica Jones smashed her way onto our screens with her Marvel-Netflix series, we’ve been obsessed. Now she’s joining forces with the rest of The Defenders for a show of their very own, and we’re happy to see Jessica Jones front and center in the latest posters for the series.

And great, because she’s the most badass!


Don’t get us wrong, we’re psyched about the whole gang coming together for The Defenders. We’re just especially excited about more Jessica Jones! And in the materials, our forever crush Krysten Ritter takes a central role, which we’re hoping is an indication of her role in the show…

Check out how fierce she looks, which seems promising:

As always, it appears she’s ready to take care of business:

And it for sure looks like she could lead this group — also featuring Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist — despite them having strong opinions and mindsets of their own. But, listen to Jessica, everyone! It will work out so much better if you do. false

The Defenders will team up on August 18th on Netflix — even if there’s no “us” in team, as the promos suggest — so clear your schedule for the binge!