Jessica Jones and Daredevil are teaming up for Marvel’s “The Defenders” and we are here for it

Know how Marvel went ahead and made all these awesome superhero movies, and then decided to join them all together, and now we have The Avengers? And we loved every second of this giant Marvel Cinematic Universe? Yeah, they’re doing that with their TV shows, too. Get ready for the Netflix Marvel TV Universe, or whatever we’re going to call this amazing new thing.

Netflix, home of our favorite Marvel heroes right now, is bringing ALL of the together in an effort to save the world Hell’s Kitchen. The first preview for The Defenders is here, and while it reveals absolutely nothing about the show, we are PUMED. What you need to know right now is that Jessica Jones + Matt Murdock is something we need to see ASAP.

By the time The Defenders comes out, they’ll actually be two other Marvel shows on Netflix for us to stream: Luke Cage (premiering later this year, Sweet Christmas — wait, not that it’s actually coming at Christmas, that’s just his catchphrase. The show premieres September 30th) along with Iron Fist (landing on the streaming site next year).

Together, Jessica, Matt, Luke, and Danny are going to try as best they can to not only save themselves, but the people they love too (also please, please bring back the dream team of Foggy & Claire for The Defenders!!).

If that’s still not enough Netflix/Marvel news for you today, it was also announced that Daredevil will return for a nothing-short-of-epic Season 3. Listen, the more Marvel on Netflix, the better.

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