Jessica Chastain went with really dark hair for winter

She’s one of the most talented actresses currently working in Hollywood, but Jessica Chastain keeps a pretty low profile. We bowed down at her feet when she starred in the emotional tear-jerker Tree Of Life, which touched all our hearts and kept us up at night with thoughts about the afterlife. Recently, she’s wowed us in The Martian, Interstellar, and Zero Dark Thirty.

As much as we respect her work, though, we also worship Jessica for her choices in hairstyle. For years, she’s been known as a stunning redhead with locks so glossy they could hypnotize you. But Jessica has decided to shake things up this winter, and she’s just debuted a darker hair color that *almost* makes her look like a whole new woman.

Is it for a new movie? Was she just needing a change? What’s the story, Jess?! Whatever it is, we’re loving every second of it. She’s rocking a warm, chocolatey hue that looks simply gorgeous. If you need a refresher, here’s what Jessica looked like as a redhead just a couple weeks ago.

Still stunning, but different. Let’s compare again. Jessica posted another pic of her dark brown hair on her Instagram, where she’s wrapping up the “last day of shooting #MollysGame before Holiday Break!” Molly’s Game is a movie coming out next year co-starring Idris Elba and Kevin Costner, and it’s directed by Aaron Sorkin.

See? If you didn’t know it was her, you may have never guessed it was Jessica in the back there with those brown locks. It won’t take us long to get used to it, though, because the woman can do anything to her hair and we’d still love her all the same.