Maybe Jessica Chastain’s TikTok Will Finally Make People Stop Thinking She’s Bryce Dallas Howard

No, Jessica Chastain was *not* in 'Jurassic World.'

In funny yet relatable TikTok news: Jessica Chastain is “fucking sick of it” when it comes to fans (and fellow celebrities?) still confusing her for Bryce Dallas Howard. In case your mind is currently going a million miles a minute trying to decipher the difference between the two, allow us to help. Howard is from Jurassic World, or as we like to reference her, Victoria from Twilight. Chastain is an actress and producer and you know her from more feminist-centric titles such as Molly’s Game, Zero Dark Thirty, and Ava. Got it? We know, the red hair can be a little confusing.

Well, Chastain is done with this, I’m sorry are you Jessica Chastain or Bryce Dallas Howard? discussion. Yesterday, the Molly’s Game actress posted a video to her TikTok page with the caption, This is the parent trap y’all.

In the TikTok, Chastain is sitting while singing along to the viral TikTok sound “Sick of It” by KingDiaaa2. Across her video is text that reads, “When you spend 20yrs building a career and they still think you work at Jurassic Park.” Sorry, excuse us while we grab a towel because we literally just spit out our water from laughing so hard. 

While funny, this “which red hair actress are you?” mess needs to stop once and for all. Both Chastain and Howard have spent so much time working to build a name for themselves in the entertainment industry, so the least we can do is memorize the face to the name. Oh, and there’s no drama between the two actress either. They’re actually really good friends and even starred in The Help together in 2011. They just want to be called by the correct name and recognized for their work not their friend’s, thank you very much!

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