Jessica Biel’s “7th Heaven” throwback pic proves she and Beverley Mitchell were way ahead of the flower crown trend

If you were a child of the ’90s and early aughts, then you know Jessica Biel first and foremost as Mary Camden — rebel older sister from the WB show 7th Heaven. So needless to say, our nostalgia-loving hearts just skipped a beat when Biel posted a 7th Heaven throwback pic with Beverely Mitchell yesterday (Mitchell of course playing younger sister Lucy on the long-running show).

The picture entails a young Biel and Mitchell in matching bridesmaids dresses and flower crowns, looking less-than-enthused (we’re not going to lie…we don’t remember which specific episode this is from. Anyone who does, please help us out!). What we DO know is that those flower crowns would be absolutely on-point in today’s world of Snapchat filters and Coachella lewks. If only Lucy and Mary had known!

#TBT to when @beverleymitchell and I were wayyy ahead of this whole flower crown thing. #7thHeaven

And of course, what we really love about this throwback is that it proves that Biel and Mitchell are still close — and that genuinely melts our hearts. Mitchell even recently spoke up about their long-standing friendship in an interview with Access Hollywood Live,

“We’re the friendship that doesn’t — there’s no work and there’s no expectations. We’re just always there for each other. We see each other when we see each other and she’s my sister for life and I love and adore her, she said.

This is giving us all kinds of nostalgic emotions, and a not-so-small part of us wants to stop everything we’re doing and do a serious WB deep-dive (including, but not limited to, Dawson’s, Roswell, Buffy, Jack&Jill, Jack&Bobby, and of course, 7th Heaven).

Thanks for the memories, ladies.

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