Jessica Biel’s son has invented a totally new use for her fancy shoes

Jessica Biel definitely has a fantastic sense of style, but now we know it’s really Jessica Biel’s son who’s the chic one in the family. We can’t say it’s all that surprising because his gene pool includes (A) Jessica Biel and (B) Justin Timberlake, and he clearly was handed the genetic lottery ticket. But we CAN say that Jessica’s son’s use of her high heels is maaaaaybe the cutest thing we’ve seen in recent memory.

Jessica Biel’s son Silas felt her shoes were better used as a playground for a bunch of plastic dinosaurs.

And honestly? We’re kind of like, same, little guy.

Jessica’s caption reads:

"Prehistoric pumps by Dino Blahnik. #momlife #partytime #momchella"

We really have to commend her on her exquisite hashtag use. And frankly, while we’re def having some FOMO seeing everybody’s pictures of Coachella, we’re having a bit more FOMO toward what was obviously a really awesome playtime. We also really love that he’s playing with plastic dinosaurs and using his imagination. Because it’s so easy for parents to let their kids spend all of their time playing with technology and lose out on that precious, ridiculous time making up your own stories.

Silas is only two years old, and we can already tell he’s going to be as cool as his parents.

We’re sure this little guy will go on to do great things.

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