Now we really want a reservation at Jessica Biel’s restaurant created specifically for moms

While Jessica Biel is known for many things — her acting, her charity work, and so much more — she’s not really thought of as a restaurateur. Yet, Biel did create the restaurant Au Fudge, as she discussed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 11th. Jimmy Kimmel himself said he visited Biel’s restaurant with his daughter and he thinks it’s a great idea. And from what we’ve heard about it, we’re inclined to agree.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, Biel started Au Fudge with celebrity fashion stylist and interior designer Estee Stanley and children’s book author Kimberly Muller. The idea behind the restaurant was to give parents — and particularly moms — a kid-friendly restaurant where they feel comfortable. And apparently, even though the mom of Silas Timberlake says she’s not really making too much money off of it, it did the trick for Kimmel.

The clever name comes from the fact that the restaurant provides au pairs (really, babysitters) to watch your children while you eat. It costs $15 for your child to be watched in the au pair-supervised “creative space” for two hours. There are also additional activities that can be paid for — like toddler music classes, drum circles, and karaoke.

The food at the restaurant is also something to put parents’ minds at ease since the menu at Biel’s restaurant includes organic chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, and natural beef burgers for kids and adults.

Oh, and don’t worry — there are alcoholic drinks for the parents, too. ?

The restaurant also makes absurdly delicious-looking cakes for custom order.

These features, plus a gorgeous aesthetic and ample access to tampons (!!), makes Biel’s West Hollywood restaurant a must-visit for moms.

Yes, Au Fudge is more swanky than your typical kid-friendly restaurant, but it is open to the public — not just celebs like Biel and her husband Justin Timberlake. So if you live in the Los Angeles area and have littles ones, it’s absolutely worth checking out. Because, honestly, who wouldn’t like the idea of her kids playing in a safe space while enjoying a martini and mac and cheese?

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