Jessica Biel Launched a Non-Toxic Wellness Brand Designed for Families

Kinderfarms is putting kids and their health first.

Jessica Biel had a major wake-up call after taking a trip to the drugstore in search of a teething aid for her son Phineas, whom she and husband Justin Timberlake just welcomed last year. “You read the back of these labels and then when you start looking up what some of these things are, it doesn’t fit my values as a mom,” Biel told People magazine in a July 12th interview. Not happy with her options, the mom of two decided to take matters into her own hands. 

After much reflection and research, Biel began to realize, Well, I wouldn’t put that in my body. Why would I put it in my kid’s body? It was through all this that she met natural products entrepreneur and dad Jeremy Adams. 

Jessica Biel

“We just said, ‘You know what, we can do better than this,'” The Playing for Keeps actress continued. “It’s like once you have the information and then you start to research different ingredients, you start to think more about [it].”

Thus, Kinderfarms was born. “It’s creating an option for families who have different value sets and would like to have some kind of opportunity to make a different choice for their kids.” Biel said of her new clean health and wellness brand, specifically designed for families. 

Biel explained It was important for her to be able to tell her friends, family, and fellow parents: I really trust that the ingredients in these products are effective and non-toxic, just cleaner. 

Within Kinderfarms, families will be able to shop for clean, natural, and effective kid products, including a medical-grade hydration drinks sans the artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors, called Kinderlyte, as well as an organic plant-based protein shake named Kindersprout. The Kinderfarms co-founder also mentioned that the company will donate 1% of all sales to 1% For the Planet.

“The most important thing was to create products that I really felt I could stand behind as a mom and as a woman and a wife,” Biel said. So, she dreamed up and created a line from scratch that would put her kids and their health first. Kinderfarms is now available online.

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