Jessica Biel opens up about how she and Justin Timberlake work together

When a husband and wife work together on a professional project (or any project, for that matter), there’s always the chance that they could butt heads, but, it sounds like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel found a way to work together with zero drama.

Justin and Jessica brought their respective music and film talents together on The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, an indie flick directed by Bill Purple (who has worked on projects like New GirlGet Him to the Greek, and Hot Tub Time Machine as an assistant director) that premiered at 2016’s Tribeca Film Festival.

Justin wrote his first-ever film score for The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, which Jessica produced and starred in. In the film, she plays a woman who is tragically killed in a car crash, leaving behind a heartbroken husband, played by Jason Sudeikis. He copes by befriending a homeless girl, played by Maisie Williams, with whom he builds a raft to sail across the ocean.

When Jessica first got involved in the project, she loved the script immediately and showed it to Justin. Even though he’d never done a movie before, Justin approached the director about working on the score.

But even though Jessica had major stakes in the final product, her methodology for working together is simple: Just let him be.

“Justin’s not the kind of artist that you micromanage, you know?” Jessica told Entertainment Weekly. “I don’t really know what I want to hear. I just know I want it to be good. I want to cry at the moment I want to cry, and I need to laugh at the moment I need to laugh…I don’t speak music language the way that he does.”

There you have it, folks: the secret to a perfect working relationship.

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