Jessica Biel just revealed how she got Justin Timberlake to score “The Book of Love,” and it’s pretty funny

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have proved that they’re in it for the long run. So, you’d imagine that when Jessica asks Justin for a favor, he’ll likely say yes. But in reality, he still might need a little convincing.

Biel just wrapped up an indie drama called “The Book of Love,” and she was already under a lot of stress during the production — eight months pregnant at the time of filming, she had to wrap up her parts ASAP in order to be able to fly home without posing a risk to her growing baby. Also, it was about 30 degrees out in February when they shot, so uh — it should go without saying that Biel, who also helped produce the film, wasn’t totally comfortable. All in all, the film took about nine years to fully complete, from start to finish.

So, you can imagine that, with all of that information, Biel was nothing but loving and sweet when asking Timberlake to score the film — right?


Well, not really.

"Basically, it was, 'You're going to do this or there's going to be a problem—and you're not going to get paid. Love you, mean it,'" Biel said during a promotional Q&A at the New Orleans Film Festival. "Honestly, I think it's something he was really excited to do. He loved the script. He's been living with this script for a long time. I don't remember when [director] Bill [Purple] thought about it, but just one day he was like, 'I think this would be really cool. I wonder if he'd be interested.' And then I threatened his life."

Aw. True love.


The film also stars a few other incredibly notable names, like Jason Sudeikis, Mary Steenburgen, and Game of Thrones darling Maisie Williams. Filmed in New Orleans, the movie is set to premiere in theaters on January 13th. With all the hard work that the cast and crew put into it, we know it’ll be amazing!