Why we love Jessica Biel’s super-honest morning routine Instagram

Thanks to a recent Instagram post, we can add one more item to the never-ending “List of Things We Love About Jessica Biel.” The actress and advocate shared a picture of herself with her infant son over her shoulder, her hair up in a towel, and her makeup-free face glowing from a giant, beautiful smile she’s wearing.

In the caption, she answers questions from theSkimm about her morning routine. Her answers were so honest, humorous, and uplifting that they struck a chord with busy moms everywhere.

Our favorite quote is how she describes herself when waking up. She writes, “Woke up like this: Disheveled, running late, doing too many things at once and underperforming all of them; but pretty thrilled about mediocrity! Could be a lot worse, guys. A lot worse.”

Since this quote itself is absolute perfection, it’s hard for us to believe that she is mediocre in any way. But it’s also a nice reminder that we can cut ourselves a break sometimes and just enjoy the ride.

Between this picture and other totally adorable ones with her superstar husband, Justin Timberlake, where they both look like they’re having the most fun, we should all take a page out of Jessica Biel’s book of life, relax and enjoy ourselves a little more.

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